‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Gets A Release Date Update


Squid Game mania may have died down at this point, given that the series was released in September of 2021 and we’ve gotten quite a bit of distance from that since. But it really is one of the biggest breakout TV hits in the history of the medium, shattering Netflix records in a way that any other show on that service, or its rivals, is unlikely to touch.

As such, even though it wasn’t the original plan, season 2 is coming. Now we have an update from the creator about release timing and the concept, and it’s definitely going to be quite a wait.

Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has told Vanity Fair that he predicts that season 2 will arrive either late 2023 or early 2024, which would be 2-2.5 years after the original series aired. Given that this happens with many Netflix shows, especially recently in the pandemic, that wouldn’t be a huge deal, not to mention it took Hwang Dong-hyuk about nine years to even get this project finished and sold and filmed as a series in the first place.

Past that, he’s also talking about the storyline, and says he has three pages written right now which will evolve into the full scope of the season. In addition to saying there will be “more games,” he says:

“Humanity is going to be put to a test through those games once again. I want to ask the question, ‘Is true solidarity between humans possible?’”

One of the main points of Squid Game season 1 was that you really couldn’t put faith in anyone, especially the game in which more or less everyone had to betray their partner in order to survive. So the goal is to overcome that?

We did not hear any more about what the creator has previously said, that they wanted to talk more about the masked gamemaster and his role as an ex-cop as a way to deal with police corruption in Korea as a topic. We’ve also heard jokes about bringing dead characters back to life so they could return to the series. Given that the show is borderline sci-fi, I suppose it’s not impossible, but I doubt it, and most of the killed-off cast is moving on to new projects after having their profile raised by season 1 of Squid Game.

My guess would be however long Hwang Dong-hyuk is saying, chances are it would be even longer, so I personally would not expect Squid Game season 2 until some time in 2024. Not that it’s urgent or anything, but given that it was never supposed to have a second season, and the challenges that season 1 had to overcome over the years, it seems like a longer wait is a possibility.


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