Stockpile CASH. Buying Opportunities in 2022. (Real Estate, Stocks & Bitcoin)

Real Estate
Now is the time to Stockpile Cash. That’s because the Bubble is about to BURST in 2022 (especially Real Estate, Stocks & Bitcoin).

Cash has performed better than the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Bitcoin in 2022. And very soon Cash could be outperforming the Housing Market as well. That’s because the combination of Inflation, rising Interest Rates, and an impending Recession will likely send Asset Prices crashing in 2022.

The Federal Reserve and Jerome Powell is in full-scale inflation-fighting mode right now. They are hiking interest rates and tightening the money supply to fight inflation. They are doing this just as inflation-adjusted incomes in America are on the decline.

The main thing still supporting the US Economy in 2022 is Consumer Spending. Americans are financing this spending with Debt – particularly, Credit Card Debt. But as soon as this spending and credit card debt financing slows, the economy could tilt towards recession.


Roughly 80% of Americans and Small Business in America expect a Recession in 2022. With so many people expecting a downturn, this could lead to a self-fulling prophecy. And with a Recession would likely come a big Asset Price crash that sends the value of the Housing Market, Stocks, Bitcoin, and Gold down.


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