The Best Low Cost Shift Lens for Real Estate Photography

Real Estate
Less expensive shift lenses have come on the market recently, including the Laowa 15mm Zero-D shift lens, which I review in this video, specifically how I would use it and find useful for certain applications in real estate photography. Below are links to the lens and resources as well:

Laowa shift lens:
Nikon F:
Nikon Z:
Canon RF:
Canon EF:


My real estate photography series:

Mastering Color in Photography:

Fake tilt shift video:

0:00 – Intro
2:37 – Shift vs. Tilt
3:20 – Price Comparison
4:57 – Hands-on Usage
12:46 – Image Quality
20:31 – Lightroom Caveats
22:24 – Best Uses


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