The BEST Real Estate Graduate Degree Programs [For You]

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The BEST Real Estate Graduate Degree Programs [For You] // Going back to school can be a great way to shortcut the process of landing a job in commercial real estate, especially for people who are transitioning from a different industry, or coming from real estate, but not necessarily the finance or investment sides of the business.

A Master’s degree can help you build your network quickly, open up doors at some of the top companies in the industry, and give you a significant pay bump, just for having this on your resume.

But even though graduate school can be a helpful tool to break into the business, there are a lot of options out there, and not all universities (or programs within those universities) are created equal.

To put it bluntly, where you end up landing a job, who you end up working with, and how money you ultimately end up making can all be heavily determined by where you go to school.

So to make sure you’re making the best decision you can if you’re considering going back to school to break into the commercial real estate industry, in this video, let’s cover the three biggest things to focus on when choosing a graduate school program, and how to find the degree that’s going to provide the most efficient path possible towards your goals.


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0:00 Introduction
1:14 Check Market and Company Presence
3:10 Leverage Employment Reports
4:57 How Committed Are You?
8:15 Build Technical Skills and Get Hired

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