The Biggest Market Crash Of Our Generation Is Coming

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One, we have low interest rates that are coming to an end.
Excess borrowing – combined with broken supply chain and rising energy costs – caused inflation to reach a high not last seen since the 1980’s, and so – high interest rates act as a way to slow down the economy, and hopefully – lower prices.

Two, unprofitable “ZOMBIE” companies will be going out of business.
According to Bloomberg, they estimate estimate that ONE-FIFTH of the largest 3000 publicly traded companies are “zombies,” and that – “The end result could be a prolonged stretch of bankruptcies unlike any in recent memory.”

Three, because companies will scale back – unemployment will increase.
Now that many of those companies can no longer afford top talent on declining demand, they’re scaling back, with companies like JP Morgan, Tesla, Netflix, and others cutting costs in an effort to stay afloat.

Four, the US Personal Savings Is Quickly Declining.
With prices continuing to rise at a staggering pace, Americans are spending a HIGHER portion of their income on necessities – as a result, US Personal Savings has fallen to 2013 levels, the Savings Rate is the lowest it’s been since 2008, and Credit Card Debt is approaching a record amount.


One, Anticipation.
This means that – at all times – you should be aware that prices, business, demand, and the economy do not always just continually go up, forever.


Two, Risk Tolerance.
With this, you MUST have a plan, ahead of time, to understand what you are – and are not comfortable risking, in regards to your income, savings, age, and goals.

Three, Carry Cash.
I’m a firm believer that, even though your money is statistically BEST OFF invested as soon as possible, there is a benefit to the peace of mind of having a cash position, at all times, to take advantage of any opportunities that may come up.

Four, avoid major real estate deals.
On the one hand, you should NOT be speculating on short term housing values in a market like this…but, on the other hand, if you find a property that you intend on keeping for at least 7-10 years, with positive cashflow, in an area where you’re able to negotiate a good price….then, potentially, it could make sense.

Five, have a serious business plan in place.
To me, this means that you track your income and expenses, cut back on the unnecessary spending, and operate “lean” while you continue re-investing on a regular basis.

Six, precious metals.
Now, he recommends 5% of your portfolio be allocated towards this, or – towards a mixture of cryptocurrency – I personally think: take a small risk with cryptocurrency, if you’re comfortable, and if you’re looking for portfolio stability – gold doesn’t hurt, BUT, there are probably better options.

And finally, SEVEN – Protect your career.
NOW is the time to IMPROVE yourself, learn new skills, double down on everything, and use that your advantage.

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