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I love real estate and I recently sold my home in Los Angeles and moved to South Florida and purchased a property. Many people moved to Florida for lifestyle reasons or they simply wanted to have access to no income tax. We noticed many investors come from places like Los Angeles and New York City which are very unaffordable real estate markets to places like South Florida, particularly Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa, St. Pete and other markets that attract tourist.

We are now seeing insurance rates sky rocket and this is becoming a massive problem. There have been over 150,000 insurance policy notices that have went out to homeowners canceling their ability to renew. This is going to make obtaining insurance much more challenging meaning the costs to insure will only increase every single year. As this happens we will see more and more property owners, investors and real estate fix and flippers and real estate speculators leave the Florida real estate market at a whole.

We will see many real estate owners who own properties as their primary residence leave these properties because they can not keep up with the rising insurance costs. We couple this with the affordability crisis that we already have in this country we are looking at a very unpleasant picture in the state of Florida.


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