The Ez8 From ‘Gundam: 08th Ms Team’ Gets The Robot Damashii Toy Treatment This November


What with all the great Robot Damashii toy releases from 08th MS Team at the moment, we now also have the iconic Ez8 to look forward to this November.

The Ver ANIME sub-line for Robot Damashii has been around for a while now, and is all about recreating classic mecha designs as true to their respective original anime as possible.

08th MS Team got this treatment with the release of the excellent Ground Gundam, a fan favorite and a classic in terms of interpreting the Gundam aesthetic in a more military way.

The Ez8 was an evolution of that sensibility and was penned by Kimitoshi Yamane, who is someone that goes to great lengths to make his designs believable.

Within the story, the Ez8 was a heavy-duty field repair of the Ground Gundam after Shiro fought the Apsalas II. The result was a streamlined and more heavily armored mobile suit that looked more militaristic.


As result of this, anime fans outside of Japan took to the Ez8 in surprisingly large numbers, which is partly why we got a Gundam Universe figure before a Robot Damashii one.

Released this November for 6,600 yen (or around $51), this Robot Damashii Ez8 comes with a nice array of accessories and gimmicks, as well as some decent effect parts.

Though the big thing here is the extensive and thorough articulation that allows for some great anime accurate poses (shown above).

My only hope with all these new Robot Damashii toys from 08th MS Team is that Bandai Spirits will get around to the Blue Destiny designs at some point, as these share a lot of the same design motifs.

In the meantime, if you have yet to see the 08th MS Team then you can correct that oversight by picking up the series on Blu-ray.

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