The FASTEST Ways To Advance Your Career in Commercial Real Estate

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The FASTEST Ways To Advance Your Career in Commercial Real Estate // The term “pay your dues” was a phrase that I heard over and over again at the start of my career, and to be honest with you, these words always rubbed me the wrong way.

Career growth is not linear and definitely isn’t the same for everyone, and just because you have a certain number of years of experience under your belt doesn’t necessarily mean anything about what you know or what you can do.

So if you have trouble nodding your head when someone tells you to “wait your turn”, and you want to proactively do the things necessary to accelerate your career growth, in this video, let’s walk through 3 things that I’ve seen help real estate professionals vastly outperform their peers (in a very short period of time), and the things that you can do in your own career to set yourself up to do the same.


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0:00 Introduction
1:10 Go Where Talent Goes
3:27 Move TOWARDS Long Hours
6:09 Small Shops & Institutional Leadership
8:29 How To Take The First Step

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