The Fourth Episode For ‘Gundam: The Witch From Mercury’ Unleashes The Pugilistic Chuchu


Following the duel results of the third episode, Suletta is once again the victor and re-crowned The Holder. However, school life seems to be a microcosm of the issues facing humanity as a whole.

Apart from Guel’s bizarre marriage proposal, school finally starts properly for Suletta. With mobile suit related exams underway for all the students.

The exams are practical in nature and require a pilot, an operator and a mechanic. As Suletta is new to the school, she has no team and is not a member of a “house”. This means she doesn’t have a team to undertake the exams.

The houses in the school are representative of the various corporate conglomerates that rule this future society. So this is why what happens at school has very real world consequences.

The real world also makes a brief appearance by showing that Earth is effectively being subdued by these space based, or “spacian”, corporations. This is an interesting flip of the original setup in the first Mobile Suit Gundam, where the poorer space based colonies rebelled against Earth’s control.

To be honest, most science fiction stories, such as the excellent Expanse series, tend to have Earth at the center of the Solar System’s culture and commerce, with those living out in space often being exploited.

So this setup in The Witch from Mercury with the Earth very much on the back foot is interesting and actually makes a lot of sense, considering how much is out there in our solar system in terms of raw resources.

It’s at this point that Suletta is introduced to the Earth house and it’s clear that the alliance between Suletta and the people of Earth will play a key part in the story. Not least because Miorine has been trying to escape to Earth since the first episode.


Despite being a solid pilot in her Gundam Aerial, Suletta struggles with the practical exams. While Miorine does her best to help, Spacian students sabotage Suletta’s examination and make it considerably harder for her.

It’s here where the feisty Chuatury Panlunch, also known as Chuchu, (shown above) takes matters into her own hands, quite literally, and punches out the Spacian students. Being from Earth, Chuchu already had her examination interfered with by the Spacians, so she was spoiling for a fight by this point.

The reaction online to Chuchu’s pugilistic type of justice has been one of almost unanimous approval. Not least because it hails back to other forthright characters in the Gundam mythos.

The duelling aside, The Witch from Mercury is definitely building up to some interesting developments very soon. It’s clear that the corporate control of society is obviously opposed, with Earth taking the brunt of that.

What with Suletta’s origins being at odds with said corporations, it feels like an alliance will be forthcoming in future episodes.

Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is currently available to watch via Crunchyroll.

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