The “Golden Age” of Cash Flow Real Estate Investing Is OVER

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The golden age of cash flow real estate investing could be over as we know it. For the past decade and a half, landlords got used to buying standard homes that made a killing in cash flow. Combine that with exponentially appreciating home prices, and anyone who purchased a property in the past ten years looks like an investing oracle. But now, the tide is starting to turn, and rookie real estate investors are struggling to find any house in almost any market that can cash flow. So what happened, and why has the nation’s cash-flowing real estate suddenly disappeared?

Welcome back to another Seeing Greene, where your “don’t just go for cash flow” host, David Greene, is back to drop some real estate knowledge for ANY level of investor. In this episode, we get into why it’s so challenging to find real estate deals that cash flow in 2023, when to invest in an appreciation vs. cash flow market, and whether or not to sell a property that isn’t profitable. Then, we switch gears and touch on how to vet a private lender you met online and whether or not an out-of-state rental rehab project is too risky for a brand-new real estate investor.

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Episode #741

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
02:17 Quick Tip
02:57 Can’t Find Cash Flow?
09:18 Cash Flow vs. Appreciation Markets
20:50 My Rental is Losing Money Every Month!
34:49 Questions from the Comment Section
39:05 How to Vet a Private Lender
42:23 Are Long-Distance Renovations Risky?
44:04 Connect with David!


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