‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Is The Best New Netflix Series Of 2022


The Lincoln Lawyer is the perfect mix of drama, mystery and comedy and Netflix subscribers cannot seem to get enough of it. In a world that often feels unjust, it’s fun to escape into a show where wrongs are made right and everyone gets theirs.

Based on the bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, the first season is based on the second book in “The Lincoln Lawyer” series, “The Brass Verdict.” The 10-episode series became an immediate fan favorite following its May 13 premiere. Within the first two weeks, the show topped the English TV list with more than 108 million hours watched, making it the most-viewed title during its second week on the platform. In addition, the Manuel Garcia-Rulfo-helmed thriller made the Top 10 in 90 countries.

The story follows Mickey Haller (Garcia-Rulfo), an iconoclastic idealist criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who runs his practice out of the back seat of his Lincoln. He believes everyone deserves their day in court and takes on the underdog with a level of compassion this world can use a lot more of. Created for TV by David E. Kelley and Ted Humphrey, the cast includes Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole and Angus Sampson.

Connelly, who is the bestselling author behind 36 novels, is very hands-on with the series serving as executive producer and writer. In an interview with Netflix staff ahead of the show’s premiere, Connelly explained that he just couldn’t get Mickey Haller out of his mind. “To be able to take a book and a character and tell a story over 10 episodes instead of having to condense a novel into a 100-minute movie, I would take that any day of the week. It is the best way to serve the character of Mickey Haller to have all this time and space to dig in and dig down deep into character and motivation. It really has changed my view of taking my stories to Hollywood.”


In 2011, Connelly’s first book in the Mickey Haller series was adapted into a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe and he said he felt many viewers would’ve likely seen the film already. So, he decided to start the television series with the second book. “We wanted to give them something new. In the second book, The Brass Verdict, we find Mickey at a low point and the book is really about him getting his mojo back.”

He adds that Kelley (who is a TV writing genius) knew this was a story that audiences could connect with. “It’s been a tough couple of years in Los Angeles and the world. In a way, we are all trying to get our mojo back and the story we tell in our first season connects with that in a good way.”

Connelly also explained why “The Brass Verdict” was such a great season-long arc for the show. “It’s really a story about how a guy who is hands down a killer in the courtroom has many issues outside of the courtroom. To add to that, we wanted to find a balance between a season-long legal story and make every episode fulfilling for the viewer. So you see Mickey handling a variety of cases as we move through the season and continue the big overriding story. I think we struck a very good balance in the storytelling.”

The Lincoln Lawyer is very reflective of where we are today in a world where justice often gets tangled up in a web of politics, power and money. In Mickey’s world, everyone gets exactly what they deserve.


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