Today’s ‘Wordle’ #307 Answer And Hint: Friday, April 22nd


Thank goodness it’s Friday! This has been a bit of an exhausting week for me and I’m ready to just do as much nothing as is humanly possible this weekend—though I know I’ll probably spend a lot of it cleaning and doing housework and probably yardwork now that it’s getting so nice out.

But it’s nice to imagine a weekend filled with nothing but lazing about, watching movies, eating delicious food that you didn’t have to prepare yourself. Not anywhere exotic, either, just home—staycation style.

A boy can dream.

In any case, I’ll be doing Wordles same as ever. Today’s isn’t a super difficult word but there are a number of possible choices that end with the same three letters which might make it a bit of a guessing game for many Wordlers. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Today’s Wordle #307 Answer & Hint

As always, be wary of reading further. There are spoilers ahead! And a hint!

We’ll start with the hint before moving on to the solution.

The hint:

And the answer is . . . .


Yes, my hint was a picture this time. Why not use a picture as a hint for a word game? Not everyone will know that it’s a picture of Led Zeppelin crooner, Robert Plant, but some will and others can figure it out if they so desire.


In any case, I thought my guesses were pretty strong all around, though Wordle Bot disagrees pretty strong with blunt. “This guess wasn’t my favorite,” Wordle Bot told me afterwards, rather bluntly. “But you lucked out.”

Wordle Bot would have chosen graft as the next guess, but my word got me just as many letters so I’m not sure why this guess wasn’t the damn bot’s favorite. I thought following up stone with blunt was pretty good.

Wordle Bot was much more enthusiastic about my third guess, glint. “Well done!” the bot gushed. “This is exactly what I would have picked in this situation.”

From here, plant was the only remaining choice that I could think of and it turned out to be the right one!

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