Today’s Wordle #496 Hint, Clues And Answer For Friday, October 28th


Friday has arrived at last—and we’ve officially reached the end of October. In three days, it’s Halloween. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to start sporting a costume as soon as possible. I’ll probably wear two or three over the weekend before I settle on whatever I’m going to wear on the big day itself.

My son is going as your classic Halloween ghost, straight out of E.T. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’s been hiding an alien in his room.

My daughter is going with her BFF as Scooby and Shaggy, which I think is very clever.

I have a lot of costumes so I might dress up as a D&D ranger so I have an excuse to walk around with a longbow and a longsword. The lumberjack costume is always nice because you can dress pretty warm and it’s not a ton of work. Plus I use hair-chalk or temporary dye to make my hair and beard darker with that one, which is always fun for a blondie like me.

One year I went as Starlord and ended up buying his trademark trench coat made out of real leather. That’s a fun one. I also bought an old Sony Walkman but it was very expensive and I ended up selling it a couple years later (for a small profit, no less).

In any case, let’s do this Wordle! Just three more after today’s before we come to Wordle #500 on November 1st!

Today’s Wordle Solution (With Spoilers!)

The Hint: Thieves and assassins often do this during stealth missions.


The Clue: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.

The Answer:

Huzzah! Yes, I know, I usually save the huzzahs for the end, but I felt like giving myself one right off the bat because I feel pretty good about my guesswork today, even if it still took me three tries (the same as Wordle Bot, it turns out).

Quake—as in the classic first-person shooter video game—appealed to me because it could knock out three vowels in one fell swoop. I ended up getting three yellow boxes from it, with just 37 guesses remaining.

Scold wasn’t Wordle Bot’s favorite guess here—naturally—and he says he’d have chosen stern instead. That would have gotten me the ‘E’ in green also, so I guess that’s fair advice. It didn’t matter in the end. I was torn, quite badly, between sneak and speak but ultimately went with the former—for the win!

Huzzah! Double Huzzah!

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone! May tricks and treats abound!


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