Today’s Wordle #584 Hint, Clues And Answer For Tuesday January 24th


Tuesday’s here and with it . . . sunshine! It’s been insanely snowy lately and even though it’s still extremely cold, I’m happy for the sun on my face and the possibility that some of this ice will melt. I actually had a slip-and-fall taking out the trash, though I emerged unscathed, though a little wet and embarrassed.

The worst time I can recall slipping on ice was in 7th grade. I was at a new school and my dad dropped me off right out front where all the kids get dropped off in the morning, so there were dozens of kids around. I stepped out of the car, stepped up on to the sidewalk and immediately slipped. The ground fell away from me and I was on my butt before I knew it, landing hard and painfully on my tailbone. But the pain was nothing compared to the awful embarrassment I felt, cheeks flushing, as I picked myself up and hoped not too many people had seen.

Junior High—or Middle School—can be an awful time, especially when you’re the new kid in a new town and have almost no friends. But it’s also a rite of passage, something most of us have to endure in one fashion or another. Something we hopefully learn and grow from.

In any case, we can all be glad it’s over now. And on that note, let’s do this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle Solution w/Spoilers

The Hint: Dracula.

The Clue: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.


The Answer:




I was feeling pretty lucky after my first guess today, for obvious reasons. I almost went with bails, but thought that sounded funny so I swerved to an ‘OU’ word instead of an ‘AI’ word and boy was that a good call. Clout left me with just two possible solutions: court or count. As in, the court of Count Dracula.

I had no idea which one would be the right answer so I just guessed count and lucked out once again. But my luck pales in comparison to the luck of the evil Wordle Bot. His first guess—slate—in no way whatsoever tees up count for a second guess win. By my count he still has several dozen possible solutions left. Yet somehow, with just one yellow ‘T’ he managed to tie me with two guesses!

Scoring today’s Wordle: 2 points for guessing in just two guesses and 0 points for tying the Bot for a grand total of 2—which is still really good! Huzzah for me! I’m the king of the Wordle!

Have a lovely Tuesday, dearest Wordlers!


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