Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #310 Answer And Hint: Monday, April 25th


Another Monday has arrived. It’s actually the last Monday of April. We’re kicking off the last week of the month before sunny, wonderful May arrives. April showers bring May flowers and all that—though I think it’s only rained once here (and also snowed and hailed in the same storm. When it rains it, uh, doesn’t just pour I guess).

In any case, another Monday means another Wordle. Every day means another Wordle, but just one a day. That’s the charm and the magic of the little puzzle game. We’re all in this together. Other than breathing oxygen, it may be the final thing on planet earth that we’re actually all part of without exception (okay, I’m probably exaggerating but still).

So let’s take a look at today’s Wordle and see if we can’t get to the solution together

Today’s Wordle #310 (Monday) Answer & Hint

Prior to reading any further, please be warned: Spoilers follow. The answer to today’s Wordle, plus a very helpful, very amazing and wonderful hint devised by your humble narrator.

The hint: If you Google this word, the resulting page will appear on a tilt, not level, awry.

And the answer is . . . .


Seriously, go Google askew and you’ll see what I mean. The results page isn’t level, which is actually quite funny and clever of Google. Here’s a screenshot:

In any case, Wordle Bot was kind of mean to me today. While the acerbic runt said that brain was normally a pretty good guess, today it didn’t narrow my options down as much as usual. As always, I should have gone with crane but whatever. I refuse to go down that path.


My second guess was better. Wordle Bot said it would have chosen the same word, probably, and that it left me with just one remaining option. I should get this right on my next guess.

Alas, I could not for the life of me think of the next word and went with aspen (a type of tree that grows everywhere around these parts) just to see if my hunch about letter placement was correct.

Thankfully, it was. I went from all yellows to three greens. Wordle Bot wasn’t impressed. Not only was aspen not going to work (given the fact that the ‘N’ had already been ruled out) the word isn’t even on the list of possible answers.

I won’t lie, even after getting to this point I was still at a loss for a while. I had to go through all the remaining letters one by one until I got to ‘K’ and realized the answer.

How did you do on today’s Wordle, dearest Wordlers? Happy Monday! Hope your week is pure fire.

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