Today’s Wordle Word Of The Day #421 Answer, Hint And Clues, Sunday August 14th


Sunday is here! I spent most of my Saturday cleaning and organizing. You should see my kitchen! It’s a warzone in there! Looks like a damn bomb went off!

I have this huge cabinet thing at the end of my kitchen, which isn’t a very big kitchen, and it stores a ton of stuff. Baking goods, cereal boxes, you name it. Kosher salt. Apple cider vinegar. The problem?

Everything gets lost.

The shelves are so deep and some are super low and some are super high and stuff just gets lost in there. I threw away items with expiration dates six or seven years ago today. I threw away a lot of stuff I didn’t even know I had.

So I’m getting rid of that thing, or at least moving it into the garage or a shed where it can store non-food items that need a place to hibernate.

So that’s my weekend. Then onto more projects, like organizing and cleaning the disaster zone that is my garage. Hooooboy.

For now, let’s take a look at today’s Wordle!

Today’s Wordle #421 Answer & Hint

First, spoiler warning! Got it? Good. You’ve been warned.

The Hint: Many explorers are fond of this particular look.

The Clue: There’s a repeat consonant in this word.

The Answer:

Tough one, yeah? This one had me stumped for a while.

It didn’t help that my first guess got me nowhere. 204 remaining possibilities isn’t idea. Not to worry, though. Stale swooped in to help baron out and narrowed that number to just 6.

Picky wasn’t a possible solution but I wanted to eliminate more letters and check out the ‘I’ and ‘Y’ and this, dear Wordlers, brought me down to just 1 remaining possible answer, though Wordle Bot chided me for guessing a word that wasn’t in the possible solutions list, as though I knew—through sheer intellectual prowess—that only chaff, champ, guava, khaki, quack and whack remained.

In any case, after some contemplation and head-scratching I finally plopped the ‘I’ in the fifth box and said ‘AKI’ out loud. Which made me think of khaki for the win! Huzzah!


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