Top 10 Worst Housing Markets in the US: Crashing Real Estate Markets

Real Estate
These are the 10 worst housing markets year over year. The baseline for determining which markets were the worst performing is based on year over year housing price declines based on the listing price of homes for sale. Some markets have declined considerably, up to 19%, while others are only down 4%.


It is likely that as home prices soften some local housing markets could crash, although most predictions are that home prices will rise in the next 12 months. These real estate markets are not doing well, mostly because of people leaving those cities and other local economic factors.

00:00 Intro to Top 10 worst markets
00:57 Toledo Ohio
02:20 Rochester New York
03:28 Detroit Michigan
04:07 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
05:00 Springfield Massachusetts
05:39 Tulsa Oklahoma
07:07 Los Angeles California
08:36 Memphis Tennessee
09:19 Chicago Illinois
12:16 Richmond Virginis
14:29 Map of worst housing markets in the US


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