Wall Streets Plan to Take Over Real Estate in 2022 | Absolutely Unbelievable…

Real Estate
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Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Blackstone and KKR are all known as being large banks / private equity firms that control billions and billions of dollars in capital. With this capital and wealth they control many businesses and real estate properties and investment throughout the country and the world. Blackstone for example is raising billions of dollars to invest in new real estate projects and now Goldman Sachs will deploy 3.5 Billion dollars in capital for value add real estate opportunities. These opportunities through real estate investment will be ones that likely do well in a bull market and bear market. They want strong real estate investments that preform well in all real estate cycles so that their real estate investors and accredited investors receive their dividends and there is no delay or problems in the even the market changes. This new found ambition is a large problem for new real estate investors, property owners and fix and flippers and whole sales as now these large firms can leverage technology, capital and talent.

As interest rates rise in 2022 and beyond, it will be harder and harder for investors to buy homes and easier for the wealthy funds to take over the real estate market.

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