‘Wednesday’ Is Somehow Ascending Netflix’s Top 10 List 77 Days After Release


While Netflix has publicly said they want a new show as good and as popular as Wednesday every week, the longer time goes on, the less likely that seems. Wednesday is pretty much in a league of its own here.

Checking the Netflix top 10 chart today, I couldn’t really believe my eyes when I didn’t just see Wednesday continuing to hang out in the top 10, but it’s now actually climbing the list again. It’s ascended into the top 5, and at #4, is just one spot away from the show that ruled all of the month of January on Netflix, Ginny and Georgia season 2.

Keep in mind Wednesday is a show that released on November 23, 2022, which is 77 days ago. To not just be on the top 10 list for nearly three months, but to now be climbing after three months either speaks very highly of it, or means that Netflix’s other offerings have been somewhat lacking since then.

Right now, the current #1 show is New Amsterdam, a licensed NBC show that just added two more seasons. Reality competition show Physical 100 is #2, and it releases episodes periodically rather than in a big binge.

Looking into the past, shows like The Last Airbender lasted for 61 days in the top 10. Queen’s Gambit lasted for 78 days, and that streak is about to end. I believe the longest ever top 10 streak is CoComelon at 148 days, which nothing is ever going to touch, given that it’s a children’s program that millions of parents were throwing on for their kids every single day without fail. But for an adult, scripted program, I think Wednesday may be on top here overall.

Netflix just cannot possibly hope to create a “Wednesday a week” because there are only a handful of shows in streaming history that have done this well. Again, it has to be continued word of mouth as people look for things to watch on Netflix, or I suppose die-hard fans may be rewatching multiple times. Still, we have rarely seen anything like this before, even with other Netflix megahits like Stranger Things and Squid Game, which do still lead in overall viewing hours.

At this rate, I am wondering what kind of records Wednesday season 2 may set, but we may have to wait a while to find out.


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