Western Digital Goes Large With Its 22TB MyBook Desktop Hard Drive

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Our appetite for data storage space knows no bounds, largely because of the videos and photos we create and the music files, movies and other data we download from the Internet. All this data needs to be kept safe somewhere. In a press release today, Western Digital announced that it is addressing this need by expanding its desktop storage lineup with an innovative and massive 22TB WD My Book hard drive.

According to Statista, the average American household has ten connected devices, including security cameras. These devices create a constant stream of data that needs to be stored somewhere safe. Most regular hard drives don’t have sufficient space to hold all that data. With its 22TB of unformatted storage space, the new WD My Book should be large enough for even the most data-hungry household.

The new high-capacity drive should give users a significant upgrade to their storage space and is possibly even large enough to hold the data of a large family. Whether it’s photos and videos or a valuable backup of work on a computer, the WD My Book 22TB can sit on a network lapping up data and keeping it safe.

“With multiple devices used in our everyday life, we can instantly create, consume and generate massive amounts of content,” said Susan Park, vice president of product management at Western Digital. “Our goal is to help people easily and reliably store everything.”


The 22TB My Book can back up and preserve thousands of documents, photos, videos and other files from various storage devices, including portable SSDs and HDDs, memory cards and USB flash drives. The device can consolidate them all into one organized and easy-to-access location.

For anyone who needs even more storage capabilities, today Western Digital also announced its new WD My Book Duo, which has an enormous 44TB capacity. The WD, My Book Duo, is equipped with RAID-optimized Western Digital drives that are optimized to perform at maximum speed and capacity straight out of the box. My Book Duo can be reconfigured to RAID-1 for redundancy (data mirroring) or as two independent drives (JBOD) using the included Western Digital software.

Pricing & Availability The WD My Book 22TB retails for $599.99 / £549, while the 44TB My Book Duo has a price tag of $1,499.99 / £1487.99. Both products are available now from Western Digital retailers, e-tailers and the Western Digital Store.

More info: westerndigital.com


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