What a Housing Market Correction Means For Real Estate Agents in Ontario, Canada

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What a housing market correction means for Real Estate Agents in Ontario Canada. Housing prices in Ontario going up, down, remain neutral, it’s all business for us as Realtors® in Ontario. Knowledge of the Ontario housing market and what is happening means everything. And when I say knowledge by no means am I saying try to predict the market. Just follow the housing market statistics here in Ontario.

In this video first I’ll talk about what a housing market correction means for us as Realtors® in Ontario, then how to adapt to the changing housing market, then most important where to focus! I really hope it helps! 😀👍

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0:00 – 3 Things That Matter Most
0:16 – What A Correction Means For Realtors®
1:45 – How To Adapt To This Changing Market
3:36 – Where to Focus Now as a Realtor®
6:03 – BEST Thing You Can Tell Your Clients

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