What is Real Estate Syndication?? – Pros and Cons – Live Mentorship

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We never syndicate. In this video we answer what is real estate syndication, how is it used, why we don’t use it, and how it can be applied correctly. If you are getting into real estate you have likely heard of syndication as a way to buy larger proerties with no money out of pocket. It is a way to essentially crowd source other peoples money to get into larget real estate. The issues are that there are a lot of syndicators out there who just want to make thier fees and are not good operators of real estate. Cody and Christian have heard countless stories of people loosing all their investment in a bad syndication deal where the syndicator walked away with all their fees and all their investors lost money.


There are ways to combine syndication with creative finance however, and that is where the model gets interesting. There is a time to consider syndication but remember it is a tool in your toolbelt not your only strategy. Watch here for the pro’s and con’s of real estate syndication and a detailed explaination of what is real estate syndication.

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00:00 What is Real Estate Syndication?
02:54 How to buy real estate without any money – Deal Debt Equity
04:16 Multifamily Syndication Structure
12:08 Syndication Fees
14:23 Real Estate Syndicatiors can only negotiate on price
16:28 The math for why you make more in creative finance than traditional syndication

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