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What is real estate wholetailing vs retailing and how does it work with the numbers. Well, today let’s go inside another house an break down the numbers to see the profit, the reno, ARV and closing costs. Sometimes you can sell the house without having to do all the repairs. Yes, we’re going to do the majority of the reno like the roof and exterior. But a wholetail deal is where you do the major repairs but then you sell the property a little below market value leaving the rest of the work for the buyer. It’s a little different from retailing where you do everything bringing the house up to A+ standards. The reason you may want to deploy wholetailing is because you get your money faster. Let’s look at this house to see the comparison of doing each real estate strategy.

00:00- Intro
1:58 – What repairs are needed on the exterior
4:35 – The seller was building an addition to the house we have to finish
6:08 – Let’s go over the numbers, purchase price, reno, ARV on this real estate flip
10:00 – Let’s go inside the house to see what repairs are needed inside
11:50 – Upstairs is the bedrooms
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