What’s Wrong With German Real Estate in 2022? | State of the Current Real Estate Market in Germany

Real Estate
German real estate has been a great investment in the past. The good old days offered properties at historically low prices and a high passive income from rents.

Real estate before the war and high inflation was a great investment as well. Mortgage interest rates were at historically low levels and some investors were able to finance for 0,x% interest rate.

But what about real estate in the future? Is the party over and prices are going to crash soon? Axel is taking a look at the current state of the German property market in this video.

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00:00 Real Estate in 2022
01:04 3 Factors That Matter When Investing In Real Estate
02:49 German Real Estate In The “Good Old Days”
06:01 German Real Estate Before 2022
09:20 German Real Estate In The Near Future (Projections)

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