When will the housing bubble pop? | Real Estate market 2022

Real Estate
We have Elon Musk chiming in on Real Estate along with Joe Zidle from Blackstone. The housing market is in an interesting position with interest rates higher than they’ve been in a few years and demand for homes still outpacing the inventory. What should we expect to happen when it comes to a bubble in the real estate world in 2022?

Real Estate is regional for sure and it’s all about location as well. If a high demand remains then it will outweigh almost anything else. Being regional, real estate will shift differently throughout this year and we’re already seeing that in some areas in the United States.

Elon Musk on Twitter talking about real estate in 2006

Housing Market according to Joe Zidle from Blackstone

The interactive Map showing homes being overvalued in 2022

Redfin News showing homebuyer competition being slight ly down for 2022

Homebuyer Competition Falls for Second-Straight Month, Hitting Lowest Level in Over a Year


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