Where To For Real Estate In The New Financial Year?

Real Estate
Much has changed in real estate in the past 12 months.

We have transitioned from a nationwide boom to segmented markets with some rising strongly, others rising moderately and a few stagnating or falling after years of notable growth.

So, as we approach a new financial year, where to for real estate?

Answering this core question requires more sophisticated analysis than the shallow and sensationalist treatment in mainstream media.

We are entering an era where ….

• regional differences will be profound;
• vacancy rates and rents will define markets more so than prices;
• markets that offer relative affordability will be leaders;
• the return of overseas migrants and students will change some markets;
• economic and sharemarket volatility will draw more investors to real
• major infrastructure-generating events will have a big influence.


Now, more than ever, real estate consumers need access to good information and quality analysis.

And, on Wednesday 13 July, multi award winning buyers’ agent Miriam Sandkuhler of Property Mavens joined independent researcher Terry Ryder of Hotspotting to provide in-depth analysis and discussion on what to expect from real estate markets in 2022-23.

Terry Ryder has been a specialist researcher/writer on residential property for over 35 years and has published four books. In 2006 he created hotspotting.com.au, to help investors find the best places to buy. He is regularly interviewed by television, radio and print media on real estate issues, and is widely sought as a public speaker.

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