Will the housing market crash? Real Estate psychology and people stuck in the stock market.

Real Estate
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Scott Walters and Market Mania Canada discuss the real estate bubble. This is going to be much worse than 2008. Debt ratios are way higher. People are in more debt than ever. The cerveza sickness has played with people’s emotions and caused them to unknowingly make risky poor financial decisions. The economic stimulus programs have completely distorted the stock market and real estate markets. People thought the economy was good. It was all fake. A fugazi.

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Important information
1:30 – Stock market crash
3:00 – Stuck in the markets
5:45 – The only Realtors calling it “artificial”
6:00 – Blackrock, Zillow, OpenDoor situation
10:35 – Rate hikes
11:50 – Same psychology
13:40 – Critical thinking in real estate
15:00 – Psychology in a recession
17:10 – Commercial real estate crash
24:40 – Depression
28:56 – Personal story
32:00 – Jobs disappear
34:12 – Bonus

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